Fluffy Audio Simple Cello KONTAKT-ohsie

Simple like one of grandma’s cakes. Simple Cello blends the same warm, natural ambience together with the engine of Venice Modern Strings. While sampling Simple Cello we strived to achieve the core features that we would like to hear in this instrument: a singing, intuitive, intelligent legato with realistic transitions as well as a lively performed dynamic. We hope you’ll appreciate the minimalist nature of this library.

Similar to Simple Violin, Simple Cello was sampled with just one true legato articulation with full sustain note after the legato in the magnificent hall of Pietro Pasquini in Crema. It features one staccato articulation as well as polyphonic legato and rebowing for added versatility and expressiveness.


– 2.5 GB ncw compressed sample pool
– **Polyphonic Legato**
– **4 mic positions**
– 3+ octaves note range (C2 > E5)
– **True Legato with full sustained note after legato**
– **Rebowings**
– Advanced panel for custom editing**\
– **Vibrato Speed Control**
– **Staccato articulation with 4+ RR, 3 dynamics**
– Custom convolution reverbs**\
– Sampled in a warm concert hall (heated)

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